Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

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Close Up Magician

Alex Hutton is on hand to entertain by performing his Award Winning Close Up Magic right in front of your eyes. 


Alex's unique style of magic has to be seen to be believed. Performing close up magic, Alex will entertain, astound and leave your guests utterly spellbound.

Alex specialises in performing magic that is both engaging and interactive, allowing people to participate in a way that most of the traditional forms of entertainment just don't allow for.

Perfect entertainment for your next Corporate Event, Private Function or Party.

"Worthwhile a MILLION Percent... Your guests will love it!"

V. Erskine

Here are the most popular services to consider when booking Alex to perform at your next event.

Drinks Reception Magic
Alex will 'mix & mingle' with you and your guests entertaining them with his Award Winning Close Up Magic. This is ideal for 'breaking the ice' prior to a meal and absolutely perfect for building groups of your guests, giving them an additional talking point.
Alex will, entertain, astound and leave you and your guests utterly spellbound!
Table Magic
During a meal, Alex will entertain at each table in-between the courses. Alex's magic is fast-paced, entertaining and your guests will be amazed by the magic on show.
Expect maximum engagement from every table along with gasps of astonishment and applause throughout the room. 
Party Magic
Add the WOW factor to your next event. Whether you are planning a party, celebration, christening or any event where the goal is for your guests to have a fun and memorable time, having Alex astound your guests with his Award Winning Magic will guarantee your guests will talk about the event long after it is over. 
Close Up Show
Perhaps you are looking to give your guests an experience like they have never seen before.
The difference with this show is that EVERY SEAT IS A FRONT ROW SEAT. This show is ideal for small gatherings of up to 20 people. Every guest will have a VIP experience and witness the impossible together.

"My guests and family have not stopped talking about how you blew their mind!"

F. Anderson

Get in touch now, and have Zanda Magic Close Up Magician in Lancashire AMAZE you and your guests at your next event!



Nothing breaks the ice like an Award Winning Close Up Magician performing spellbinding magic right before your eyes.

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