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Stage Show

"NOTHING could have prepared us for just how good he was... The atmosphere was electric... He entertained us, made us laugh and his sheer gift for being able to perform magic left us wanting more!" J. Stretton

Alex's Stage Show is the perfect way to begin or conclude an evening creating a magical and memorable experience for everyone. You and your guests will participate in a fun, relaxed and entertaining way, so you can expect plenty of laughter, applause, along with gasps of pure astonishment.

"Excellent show...everyone  was absolutely enraptured..."

S. Rouge

Zanda Magic Close Up Magician Lancashire

Perfect for Gala Dinners, Conferences, Cruise Ships, Awards Evenings and Private Functions. Alex's show lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, however, can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Prepare to be amazed as you and your guests experience Zanda Magic 'live on stage'.

Zanda Magic Close Up Magician Lancashire

"WOW. Spellbinding. Thank you for making the Ladies Evening extra special. Everyone commented on how brilliant you were!!"

Z. Howarth

"Thank you very much for making our party so special, you wowed us with your talents and magical expertise! My guests were awed by your skills. Thank you for getting our party off to a magical start!" G. McCormack


Nothing breaks the ice like an Award Winning Close Up Magician performing spellbinding magic right before your eyes.

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